How To Read Your Bible

We all know that we should read the bible. We need to read it.But one of the most sought out questions among Christians is, “How do you read the bible?” Is there a best way or more fruitful way to read it? Is there a right way or wrong way? Do I just read a few … Continue reading How To Read Your Bible

bible translation

Which Bible Translation Is The Best One?

Growing up, my parents had me bring my Bible to church every Sunday. And my Bible was all decked out. I had one of those leather zipper cases with the slits to store your pen and highlighter. Months worth of half-sheet sermon note pages were stuffed in the back. The thing probably weighed about 7 … Continue reading Which Bible Translation Is The Best One?

When Two Theologians Get Married, What You Get is a Blog.

This blog really springs from our genuine excitement to talk about theology and real life. Sometimes it seems like these two worlds are so far disconnected as if theology is just something really nerdy Christians care about but that rarely transfers to real life. But we love talking about the hard things of faith and how they impact our daily lives.