3 Lessons From My First 3 Months of Pregnancy

Things are beginning to change in the Chamberlain household. This coming August, we will get to welcome the newest edition to our family, already known as Baby C! Nothing could be more exciting. Or terrifying! In some moments, I feel excited. In others, completely terrified. And then there are the moments when I feel both … Continue reading 3 Lessons From My First 3 Months of Pregnancy


9 Lessons from our First Year of Marriage

Written Together by Dale & Tamara Chamberlain On October 6, we will celebrate one year of marriage. So, naturally, we now feel confident handing out expert relationship advice! (Just kidding.) But in our first year of marriage, we have learned a few good lessons that we thought we’d pass along to you. Here are nine. … Continue reading 9 Lessons from our First Year of Marriage

Broken Toilets & Sanctification

After laboring through a treacherous four mile run in the peak temperatures on late June afternoon, the last thing I wanted to do was deal with a broken toilet. The flusher on the toilet had been a little out of sorts for the previous few days. But today it finally broke. The water inside the … Continue reading Broken Toilets & Sanctification

Ugly Confessions of A Pastor’s Wife

“Being a pastor’s wife is a great privilege – the privilege to stand alongside your husband and support him in this unique calling.”Why didn’t I feel this way?Why was one of the greatest challenges in our relationship my husband’s ministry? I love that Dale is a pastor, and I can see the evidence of God’s … Continue reading Ugly Confessions of A Pastor’s Wife

When Two Theologians Get Married, What You Get is a Blog.

This blog really springs from our genuine excitement to talk about theology and real life. Sometimes it seems like these two worlds are so far disconnected as if theology is just something really nerdy Christians care about but that rarely transfers to real life. But we love talking about the hard things of faith and how they impact our daily lives.