Modest is Hottest (Podcast Episode 57)


The topic of dressing modesty is an evergreen issue in Evangelicalism. But with the release of a particularly bad music video on the topic, it’s in the headlines once more.

Matthew West’s new music video entitled “Modest is Hottest,” which debuted at the SBC 2021 Annual Meeting, has been the subject of ridicule and criticism, so much so that West has removed the song from his YouTube account and all other streaming channels. Some have come to his defense, while others celebrate the fact that this song is no longer out in the world. 

This week on the podcast, we dive into the idea of modesty culture and how it relates to purity culture, how it has shaped our view of women within the Church, the significance of a song like “Modest is Hottest” debuting at a meeting where sexual abuse allegations were one of the main points of conversation, and what biblical modesty might look like in a 21st century world.

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