Coming Back From Scandal and Taking the Ship (Podcast Episode 53)


From Mark Driscoll to Bill Hybels and Ravi Zacharias, there is no shortage of Christian scandals in recent memory. Abusive leaders not only leave a trail of victims in their wake but also cultivate toxic cultures within their organizations. 

So when they are removed from their places of power, the question that often remains for these churches and Christian non-profits is this: Where do we go from here? How can organizations come back? Are there some that just shouldn’t come back at all?

In this episode, we explore the next steps of RZIM and how they intend to move past the sins of their namesake. From changing their name to completely retooling their organizational vision, they seem to be overhauling everything.

We also take some time to talk about the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention, and what the decisions made their mean for the future of the denomination. With issues like how to deal with sexual abuse investigations to critical race theory and intersectionality on the table, the SBC has seemed to stave off a right-wing redirection for the time being. But will that last? 

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