Pride Month (Podcast Episode 51)


June is LGBTQ Pride Month. And while Pride Month has been around for a while, it has certainly reached a point of widespread cultural acceptance in America. At this point, there is no real way of avoiding the discussion of LGBTQ pride during Pride Month in June.

So in this episode of the podcast, we briefly explore the history of Pride Month, how Christians have historically interacted with the LGBTQ community in problematic ways, and how we might forge a better way forward. While we hold to a traditional view of sex and marriage, we admit that there are many ways in which the Church has failed to live up to its calling of love when it comes to those within the LGBTQ community and we want to be a part of more fully expressing the love of Jesus.

We also give our thoughts on some important and common questions about the relationship between the Church and the LGBTQ community, including:

  • Should Christians work to abolish same-sex marriage? 
  • Should Christians bake cakes for LGBTQ weddings and events? 
  • How should we feel about how many corporations change their social media logos to versions with rainbows? 
  • What level of leadership should members of the LGBTQ community be given in local churches (if any)?

There’s lots of nuance in this conversation, and we do our best to stand in both truth and love. 

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