American Idols (Podcast Episode 49)


When we read in the Old Testament about the pagan idolatry that took place in Israel, we often scoff. We think, “How could anyone be so foolish?”

But when we dig a little bit deeper, what we find is that we aren’t so different from Israel. When they worshiped idols, it was their way of seeking safety and fulfillment outside of (or in addition to) their relationship with God. And when you think of it that, way, it’s something that we struggle with all the time. 

So in this episode, we unpack 6 modern day idols that American Christians tend to struggle with. 

  • Wealth and Prosperity 
  • Nationalism and Patriotism
  • Safety and Security
  • Family
  • Career Success and Image
  • Romance

As we explore each of these idols, we discuss exactly how they show up in our lives, as well as the damaging effects they can have on our faith and witness.

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