Deconstructing Deconstruction (Podcast Episode 35)


From the recent Ravi Zacharias scandal to the Capitol Insurrection that featured heavy Christian nationalist overtones, and in addition to personal struggles of faith, many are grappling with what it means to be a part of the Christian movement. 

And this struggle has led many Christians into a process of deconstruction

For some, the idea of deconstruction is something of a boogyman. They use the term as a euphemism for being “backslidden.” For others, they see it as a path to enlightenment and fulfillment. But we don’t think it’s really either of those things. 

So in this episode, we want to break down what deconstruction is, how it happens, and why we think it’s becoming something of a large movement today.

Deconstruction certainly has some dangers when we don’t place any parameters around it, because it can cause people to walk away from Jesus altogether.

However, those who are in the process of deconstruction aptly point out much of what ails the modern American Church. So their questions and doubts are important. They can actually be quite formative. That is, if we are willing to reconstruct what we have deconstructed. 

Join us as we unpack and wrestle with all this and more!

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Whenever a scandal like this happens, it's a catalyst for some people to deconstruct. Click To TweetWe can't minimize the scandals that have taken place in the Church. Click To TweetDeconstruction is highly personal. Click To TweetIf you're going to deconstruct aspects of your faith, it's important to have a reconstruction plan, rather than simply choosing to live in the ruins. Click To TweetIf you deconstruct apart from using Scripture and being guided by the Holy Spirit, it's can lead you to a bad place. Click To Tweet

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