Are Those Your Wife’s Jeans? (Podcast Episode 30)


Harry Styles recently made headlines with his cover shoot for Vogue Magazine, wherein he is pictured wearing a dress. The article received both praise and criticism, with some conservative voicing even going as far as to say that Styles’ style choices are an all out assault on masculinity.

This leads us to question, what does it actually mean to be a man? What does the bible have to say? And what does theology have to do with fashion? 

So this week on the podcast, we discuss! Our conversation is fairly wide ranging as we explore a theology of manhood, ancient styles and how they relate to modern fashion, and how we should think intentionally about the impact our clothes make on others.

If you have any questions you’d like to submit about this episode or have other topics of conversation you’d like us to explore in future episodes, you can connect with us over on our contact page. We’re looking forward to hearing from you and we’re excited to journey with you!


In the bible, masculinity is almost always defined in relation to femininity. Click To TweetIt's not toxic to like conventionally manly things. But if you believe those are the things that make you a man, that's the toxic part. Click To TweetStrength and domination are two very different things. Click To TweetStyles and fashions change over time, and we shouldn't necessarily take it personally. Click To Tweet

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