The Current Milieu (Podcast Episode 21)


What should a Christian’s relationship be to the culture around us? God created humanity in his image, and so human society folds into that. But we’re fallen and sinful, and so culture has, in many ways, been corrupted. So how do we navigate that in a way that honors Jesus and also shares his love with the world?

On this episode, we explore H. Richard Niebuhr’s classic book Christ and Culture to answer that question. We discuss his framework that describes the different Christian views on culture, and we apply them to some of the important issues of our day, including the pandemic, racial unrest, and partisan politics in 2020.

We also mention Carl F. H. Henry’s The Uneasy Conscience of Modern Fundamentalism, which is a helpful resource. 

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Jesus sat with sinners. He didn't sin with sinners. Click To TweetChristians should have some kind of interaction with culture. We can't just wholesale reject it. But then the question is what the nature of that interaction should be. Click To TweetThe social gospel movement sought to use Christian ethics to social problems. Where it failed is it didn't make preaching the gospel an essential part of the movement. Click To Tweet

Being a true Christian isn't dependent on who I voted for. Click To Tweet

We need to hold to truth and seek truth — no matter how exciting the latest conspiracy theory is. Click To Tweet



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