Clearly, I Went To Seminary (Podcast Episode 20)


Prosperity preaching is a major part of the theological landscape in the American Church. But its message is both incredibly deceptive and horribly dangerous. By preaching this message, a number of popular pastors have become incredibly wealthy while many of their followers live in poverty–both physically and spiritually. 

So this week on the podcast, we want to talk about why it is that this distortion of the gospel is so prevalent in the Church today. We explore the history of the movement, what makes it so dangerous, and how we should respond. 

In this episode, we also discuss why it is that so many television preachers teach prosperity theology, the popularity of @PreachersNSneakers, gospel truths that we can’t let prosperity preaching steal from us, and more.

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The prosperity gospel is very much an American idea. Click To TweetThe message of the prosperity gospel is that God wants you to be happy, healthy, and prosperous. Anything less is a sign of your lack of faith. Click To TweetThe Word of Faith movement aligns really well with the 'power of positive thinking' movement. It just sprinkles in some Christian language. Click To TweetProsperity preaching diminishes the role of Jesus in our lives to him being a magic genie. Click To TweetWhether you're a Christian or not, money is always a weird, uncomfortable conversation. Click To Tweet


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