This Is Important, Part II (Podcast Episode 12)


What is the role of women in church leadership? What are women “allowed” to do? Are they able to preach or be on the elder board? Or should they remain silent and out of leadership positions? What does the New Testament, as a whole, have to say about the issue?

On this episode of the podcast, we continue to explore this important question through a conversation with our friend, Stacey Monaco. Stacey is a graduate of Talbot School of Theology and has extensive leadership experience, both in church settings and in the marketplace. She has much wisdom to share, so we were excited to get to sit down and speak with her!

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I believe, because of my own experience, that women are hiding in the church who had skills and capabilities. And they're hiding because they were either ashamed, or because they don't believe they're useful. Click To TweetI couldn't see how God would make us leaders in other areas and then ask us to come into his church and be quiet. Click To TweetGod is a God of economy. You better use what he gives you. And what he gives you happens to be leadership skills, then you need to use them. Click To TweetI believe in Jesus. I believe he changes lives. I believe he uses women and I believe he's going to continue to use women. Click To TweetI think about Peter stepping out of the boat, walking on water, then sinking. That's a real Christian walk. Click To Tweet


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