This Is Important, Part I (Podcast Episode 11)


What is the role of women in church leadership? What are women “allowed” to do? Are they able to preach or be on the elder board? Or should they remain silent and out of leadership positions? What does the New Testament, as a whole, have to say about the issue?

On this episode of the podcast, we explore the differing views along with the relevant New Testament passages related to this important question. In part II of this episode, we’ll explore some more of the practical application that comes out of our understanding of the scriptures.

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Where your theological view lies on women in leadership makes a big difference in day to day life of women in your church. Click To TweetIf your theology doesn't work in a certain location but it works in America, then it's probably not the right theology. Click To TweetPaul sets up a paradigm of mutuality: man is born from woman but woman was created from man. Click To TweetPaul entrusted arguably his most important letter to be delivered and explained to the churches by a woman. Click To Tweet


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