The Secret Key (Podcast Episode 8)


Sex is always an awkward subject for conversation. But it’s such an important part of our lives that Jesus wants to speak into. As people living in a fallen world, we need to recognize that our sense of sexuality is broken. But Jesus wants to bring healing and redemption to it, if we let him. 

We hold firmly to the biblical ethic for sex, that it is meant to be enjoyed only within the context of a marriage relationship. And having been raised in Christian circles, we have had a variety of experiences and seen a number of different viewpoints when it comes to how Christians should go about dating and marriage. So we want to give you our thoughts and some things to consider as we seek to be faithful to Jesus.

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So there's this weird divide where dating makes the Church feel squeamish–we don't want to acknowledge it–while at the same time, we say that sex and marriage are good. Click To TweetThe Church, in our attempts to try and keep a high view of marriage, we actually sometimes become pretty obsessed with sex in a bad way. Click To TweetAlways asking 'how far is too far' is the wrong way to approach relationships. Because really we should want to figure out more how do I honor God in this relationship and how do I honor that other person. Click To TweetDon't ever set up a time or place where you are planning on gratifying the flesh and it's sinful desires. Click To Tweet


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