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3 Lessons From My First 3 Months of Pregnancy

Things are beginning to change in the Chamberlain household. This coming August, we will get to welcome the newest edition to our family, already known as Baby C! Nothing could be more exciting. Or terrifying! In some moments, I feel excited. In others, completely terrified. And then there are the moments when I feel both … Continue reading 3 Lessons From My First 3 Months of Pregnancy

Are There Times When Christians Should Judge?

If there is one criticism that’s levied against Christians more than any other, it’s that we’re judgmental. That we’re morally superior and hypocritical. To be sure, part of this criticism is unfair. Oftentimes, the whole Church gets lumped in with the horrific stances of some fringe groups that could only loosely be identified as Christian. … Continue reading Are There Times When Christians Should Judge?

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Dale and Tamara both grew up in Southern California. Dale is one of the pastors on staff at EFree Church Diamond Bar, and Tamara is the Director of Marketing and Content at Haven Ministries, which is based in Riverside.

From the age of 17, Tamara has been passionate about speaking and writing. She attended California Baptist University, receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Studies before pursuing a Master of Divinity at Talbot School of Theology. She has been speaking with a ministry called StoneCroft since 2013, sharing her testimony and the message of Jesus to women throughout California and Arizona.

Dale originally began pursuing a career in the field of psychology before he felt God’s calling into pastoral ministry. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Cal Poly Pomona before pursuing a Master of Divinity at Talbot. Dale discovered his passion for preaching when he began leading in his church’s junior high ministry. He eventually became the youth pastor, and now serves the church in an associate pastor role.

But the best part of the story is when Dale and Tamara met. It was the fall of 2014 – their first semester at Talbot. They both enrolled in the same Old Testament Survey class. Dale asked Tamara to study with him…and the rest is history. Dale and Tamara were married on October 6, 2017. They are convinced that God brought them together with great purpose, and they are very passionate about pursuing ministry together, whatever form it may take.

Dale and Tamara enjoy drinking coffee, going to museums, dancing in the kitchen, and serving Jesus, together.

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